Catana PAR bags and backpacks in natural leather are the evolution of the historic catane, born in the 16th century in Central Italy and used by hunters and peasants for their strength and practicality. The classic catana bag from the 70s, the tolfa model bag that has followed us unchanged over the centuries and that finally PAR has redesigned for the third millennium. PAR has maintained its aesthetics and typical characteristics but adopting improvements for contemporary needs: the weight has been halved, and the leather has been softened and embellished with vegetable tanning. A natural cotton lining has been added, and inside and outside pockets with zipper closure for computers, iPads, telephones or documents. In addition, two powerful magnets for rapid closing and anti-fading were introduced; the magnets are shielded so as to make the demagnetization of credit cards impossible. The result is hand-crafted leather bags with a marvelous natural leather and vegetable tanning, an iconic style, extremely robust, light, safe, unisex and of great practicality and durability. Catana by PAR bags and backpacks are entirely handcrafted in Italy by skilled artisans and are aimed at users of both sexes, with a strong personality with an active and dynamic life, both professionally and in their free time. Catana by PAR bags and backpacks are designed for people who need functionality, practicality and sturdiness for their accessories but do not want to renounce the value of natural materials. The Catana by PAR collection is not suitable for sedentary people, attentive to every fashion and logo display.