About us

Our company


PAR's mission is to give new life to glorious brands and products, updating them to the tastes of the third millennium, and bringing them back to the market.

Par.catana, in particular, is re-proposing the iconic catana leather handbag, an accessory that was a must for all the nonconformists and free spirits of the '70s.

PAR guarantees:

  • 100% Made in Italy high quality products
  • Extreme attention to the customer
  • Transparent commercial policies

Our team

PAR's management consists of two well-known Milan professionals, who prefer to remain anonymous, from the world of finance, industry, marketing and production.


Galileo Galilei

"If you go out to do something, the catana bag of antique leather do not forget, if you have to do it before dinner. You do not do at snack time, because the toga does not let you go, you cross, it impedes you and intrudes you, which is hardly able to walk. "

Catherine de Medici

"Catherine's fixation for food, especially for the foods she considered aphrodisiacs, including zucchini, cardoon, and shallot, is famous. Caterina used to collect the vegetables in the gardens of the palace personally, choosing them among the best in the field, and then passing them to a young girl who followed her with a large red leather catana that was gradually filled with exquisite fresh food. "


"The ostracism against Caravaggio also increased due to other dramatic events that saw him arrested several times for abusive possession of weapons, which he carried in a small, fattened leather catana from which he never separated, a lawsuit for having threw a dish to a tavern boy in the face, injured a notary for reasons related to his love affair with a woman and a complaint from his landlady who saw him put the rent money in the catana and then claim not to having them, a complaint to which Caravaggio answers by stoning the window of the woman. "

Tex Willer

"Bison horns. I gave Tiger Jack my catana and he does not want to give it back. I'll have to buy a new one because I can not stay anymore. It's too comfortable on the saddle and then on my shoulder when I get off my horse. "